Ona Batlle and Salma Paralluelo lead Spain to 2-0 Victory

In a friendly match between Denmark and Spain, goals from Ona Batlle and Salma Paralluelo guided the Spanish women’s national team to a remarkable 2-0 victory.

With some notable absentee star players out, the starting lineup for Spain was still a sight to behold, with no less than six players from Barcelona Femeni taking the field.

Among them was the newly signed Ona Batlle, who wasted no time making her presence felt. Just seven minutes into the game, Batlle displayed her exceptional skills, receiving a pass and expertly placing the ball past the goalkeeper with a well-taking low shot, opening the scoring for Spain.

Salma Paralluelo, another Barcelona Femeni player, showcased her brilliance in the 53rd minute. A brilliantly delivered weighted pass from former Barcelona Femeni player Jenni Hermoso set Paralluelo up for a one-on-one opportunity with the goalkeeper. Displaying her composure and precision, Paralluelo calmly converted the chance, slotting the ball past the goalkeeper to extend the scoring for Spain. This goal not only showcased Paralluelo’s goal-scoring prowess but also her ability to make penetrating runs and good footwork.

As the match progressed, Spain made a couple of substitutions to maintain their momentum and solidify their advantage. In the 59th minute, Esther, Oihane, and Athenea were brought on for Alexia Putellas, Olga, and Mariona Caldentey. Rocío Gálvez and Alba Redondo took the field in the 72nd minute for Ivana Andrés and Salma Paralluelo, respectively. María Pérez entered the game in the 80th minute replacing Teresa Abelleira.

This victory showcased the depth of talent within the Spanish women’s national team and the contributions of Barcelona Femeni players in particular. The performance of Ona Batlle and Salma Paralluelo will undoubtedly leave fans of both clubs and supporters of the Spanish women’s national team happy and optimistic about the upcoming World Cup campaign.

Ona Batlle and Salma Paralluelo’s outstanding performance in the thrilling 2-0 victory against Denmark showcased their remarkable skills and the impact they can have on the game.

With such remarkable displays of skill and teamwork, Spain’s women’s team is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with on the international stage. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as this talented Spanish squad.

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