Villarreal CF Feminino 0-6 Barcelona Femeni: Player Ratings

Barcelona Femeni defeat Villareal 6-0
PHOTO: X – @BarcaFem

Barcelona Femeni showcased a dominating performance against Villarreal CF Feminino, securing a convincing 6-0 victory. The match unfolded with goals from Aitana Bonmati, Asisat Oshoala, Salma Paraluelo, and Caroline Graham. The first half ended 2-0, with Barça Femini adding four more goals in the second half.

From the first half to the final whistle, Barça Femini dominated possession with 74%, leaving Villarreal with only 26%. With a total of 22 shots, 11 on target, and a solid defensive display, Barcelona Femeni asserted their dominance.

Let’s delve into the individual player ratings:

Cata Coll – 6.5

had a relatively calm outing, with no saves required, she maintained a clean sheet, completing 24 out of 25 passes. Her minimal involvement earned her a solid debut rating of 6.5

Lucy Bronze – 7.5

Starting at right-back, Lucy Bronze was a constant threat to Villarreal CF. She also exhibited her defensive prowess with 3 interceptions and 2 tackles. Her active involvement in attacking plays, well-rounded performance, and contributions throughout the match were very valuable to the team.

Irene Paredes – 7.0

Irene Paredes, positioned at right-center back, had limited defensive duties as Villarreal posed a minimal threat. Completing 86 out of 96 passes, Paredes showcased accurate passing and a solid performance, earning a rating of 7.0.

Marta Torrejón – 7.5

Captaining the team from the right center-back position, Marta Torrejón had a solid match., contributing with 2 clearances, 2 interceptions, and 1 tackle. Despite Villarreal’s limited attack, Torrejón displayed defensive stability, completing 84 out of 88 passes.

Ona Batlle – 8.5 (MVP) (2 Assists)

Starting at left-back, Ona Batlle earned the MVP and Man of the Match awards. Playing for 72 minutes, Batlle contributed with 2 assists, 1 interception, and displayed an attacking threat with 3 key passes and 2 big chances created, and solid defensive plays. Her attacking prowess and link-up with Salma Paralluelo on the left wing were notable. 

Claudia Pina – 6.5

played for 62 minutes and had a decent outing. With 29 touches and 1 shot on target, she had a steady but less influential performance. 

Keira Walsh – 8 (1 Assist)

In the central defensive midfield role, Keira Walsh played a crucial role. Played the full 90 minutes, showcasing defensive solidity. With 1 assist to her name, Walsh completed 108 out of 118 passes, won all her area duels, and contributed to clearances, block shots, and interceptions. 

Aitana Bonmati – 8.5 (2 Goals)

Aitana Bonmati continued to impress, playing for 62 minutes and ending the match with 2 goals. With 58 touches and 2 key passes, Bonmati was influential in the team’s attack, earning a well-deserved rating of 8.5.

Esmee Brugts – 7

Starting at the right-wing forward position, Esmee Brugts played for 63 minutes. Despite limited involvement, Brugts contributed with 2 key passes and defensive play, earning a decent rating of 7.0.

Asisat Oshoala – 8 (2 Goals)

Asisat Oshoala played the full 90 minutes, scoring 2 goals and proving to be a constant threat to the Villarreal defense. Oshoala’s runs into the opponent’s box caused problems for the Villarreal defense could have scored more. 

Salma Paralluelo – 7.5 (1 Goal)

Playing on the left wing for the full 90 minutes, Salma Paralluelo had a notable performance with 1 goal, 2 shots on target, and 3 successful dribbles. Although, she was not able to get into the match as early as she would have wanted as she was always man-marked or swamped by the Villarreal defense her impactful contributions were still evident and she could have had more goals, as she was denied by a brilliant save.


Alexia Putellas – 7

Entering the game in the 62nd minute for Claudia Pina, Alexia Putellas played a role in maintaining control. In her 28 minutes on the field, Putellas had 31 touches, completed 18 out of 23 passes, and contributed defensively with a blocked shot. While not heavily involved, her efforts earned her a rating of 7.0.

Caroline Graham Hansen- 7.5 (1 Goal)

Caroline Graham Hansen made a significant impact in her 27 minutes on the field. Coming in for Esmee Brugts in the 63rd minute, she scored a beautiful deflected free kick, showcasing her ball-striking prowess and set-piece threat. With two shots off target, 14 accurate passes out of 19, and contributions to key passes and crosses, Graham Hansen earned a well-deserved rating of 7.5.

Mariona Caldentey – 8 (1 Assist)

Substituting for Aitana Bonmati in the 63rd minute, Mariona Caldentey continued to impress with an 8 rating. In her 27-minute appearance, she provided one assist, displayed solid dribbling, and created key chances. Caldentey’s contribution highlighted her versatility and impact on the team.

Ingrid Syrstad Engen – 7.0

Coming on for Ona Batlle in the 72nd minute, Ingrid Syrstad Engen had a brief but effective cameo. In the 18 minutes played, she showcased her passing accuracy and contributed defensively. While the match was already decided, Engen’s performance earned her a rating of 7.0.

Lucia Corrales – 6.5

Replacing Irene Paredes in the 72nd minute, Lucia Corrales had limited involvement in the match. With 14 touches and 7 out of 8 completed passes, Corrales had a quiet 18 minutes and couldn’t influence the game significantly, resulting in a rating of 6.5.

The substitutes played crucial roles in maintaining the team’s dominance and securing a convincing victory. Each player, despite varying degrees of involvement, contributed to Barcelona Femeni’s well-rounded performance against Villarreal CF Femenino.

Barcelona Femeni’s dominant performance against Villarreal CF Femenino showcased their strength and depth. The team’s collective effort, combined with standout individual performances, sets a promising tone for the season ahead.


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