Ana Crnogorcevic’s Versatility: The Key to Barcelona Femeni’s Triumph

Photo: Sara Gordon – FC Barcelona

In any successful football team, versatility is a prized attribute that can greatly enhance a player’s value. In the case of Ana Crnogorcevic, her remarkable adaptability and versatility have proven to be invaluable assets for the Barcelona squad. 

Barcelona Femeni’s success on the field in the recently concluded season goes by without saying. Not only were the Catalan giants crowned the champions of their domestic league, but they also won their second European title, two years after winning the first. The road to success was a tough one for Barcelona; however, the Spanish side was able to live up to the challenge thanks to proper player management by head coach Jonatan Giraldez.

A constant change in the starting lineup throughout the season, indicating that the coach has rotated the squad either due to injuries, allocating playing time to some players who have featured less during the season, or simply as a means of resting some players.

The move seemed to pay off when Barcelona went into the Champions League final with a fully rested squad, an advantage that saw them come back to defeat German opposition, VFL Wolfsburg 3-2 after trailing by two goals at halftime.

In this post, we will be taking a comprehensive look at the importance of Crnogorcevic’s ability to seamlessly transition between various positions on the field and the positive impact it has had on Barcelona’s performance.

Enhancing Tactical Flexibility

Crnogorcevic’s versatility provides Barcelona with a tactical advantage. She has the ability to play as a striker, attacking midfielder, or even as a winger. This allows the coach to adjust the team’s formation and strategy based on the opponent and game situation. Crnogorcevic’s adaptability gives Barcelona the freedom to explore different playing styles and formations, keeping the opposition guessing and adding an element of surprise to their attacking approach.

Her versatility also helped Barcelona in defense as well, as the Swiss international was fielded as a left full-back after Fridolina Rolfo’s injury. Crnogorcevic playing as a full-back provided Barcelona with an additional attacking option on the flank. Just like teammate Fridolina Rolfo, her overlapping runs give her room to put in more crosses, while the forward winger is allowed to roam in the opposition’s box and get a chance at goal. When Barcelona is attacking the opposition’s box, this tactical move simply adds one more attacking player to the fray.

Creating Imbalance in the Opposition’s Defense

Crnogorcevic’s versatility disrupts the opposition’s defensive strategies. Her ability to play across different positions forces defenders to constantly adjust their marking and positioning, making it harder for them to predict her movements. This creates spaces and opportunities for her teammates, enabling Barcelona to exploit the weaknesses in the opposing team’s defense. Crnogorcevic’s versatility acts as a catalyst for Barcelona’s attacking prowess and adds a new dimension to their gameplay.

This tactical advantage saw Crnogorcevic score eight goals while assisting six others in 29 appearances in Liga F this season. She also scored two goals and assisted on another two in 9 appearances in the Champions League.

Covering for Injuries and Fatigue

Football seasons are grueling, with players often facing injuries and fatigue throughout the campaign. Crnogorcevic’s ability to seamlessly slot into different positions provides Barcelona with a reliable backup plan. 

During the course of the season, Barcelona players suffered injuries that saw almost all their key players out of action for a lengthy period. The European champions were without the services of their captain, Alexia Putellas who was unavailable at the start of the season and was only able to join the team again after almost 10 months spent on the sidelines due to an ACL injury.

Players like Caroline Graham Hansen, Mariona Caldentey, and Claudia Pina were also out for long spells, and the team had to play a significant number of matches in their absence. Top scorer, Asisat Oshoala also got injured a couple of times during the course of the season, one such injury made her miss the Champions League final in Eindhoven.

First-choice full-backs Fridolina Rolfo, and Lucy Bronze also suffered from injuries that almost ruled them out of the clash in Eindhoven, although both players returned just in time for the most important game of the season.

However, through all the injury setbacks suffered by the Barcelona squad, one player’s constant presence and availability helped the team minimize the impact the loss of such key players would have had on the team. Swiss international, Ana Maria Crnogorcevic was the Barcelona Femeni player who took the position left vacant by injured players on the squad.

Whether it’s filling in for an injured teammate or providing much-needed rest to key players, Crnogorcevic’s versatility ensures that the team’s performance remains unaffected even in the face of adversity.

Providing Squad Depth

For a team like Barcelona, which competes on all fronts for various titles both domestically and internationally, a strong squad depth is crucial. Crnogorcevic’s versatility strengthens Barcelona’s squad depth significantly. Her ability to play multiple positions ensures that the team remains competitive even when key players are unavailable or need to be rested. This depth not only provides more options for the coach but also instills confidence in the entire squad, knowing they have a reliable and adaptable teammate in Crnogorcevic.

Setting an Example for Younger Players

After Barcelona was crowned Liga F champions, the team fielded a lot of young players as a means of resting key players in preparation for the Champions League final. Crnogorcevic’s versatility serves as an inspiration for younger players in the Barcelona squad. Her ability to excel in various positions showcases the importance of versatility and adaptability in modern football. By witnessing Crnogorcevic’s success, young players are encouraged to develop a broader skill set and embrace versatility themselves. This not only benefits the team in the short term but also ensures the club’s long-term success by nurturing a generation of versatile and well-rounded players. It will be a huge win for the team if more players from the younger generation can possess the skills that make Crnogorcevic indispensable.

As seen in the recently concluded 2022/2023 football season, Ana Crnogorcevic’s versatility has proven to be an indispensable asset for the Barcelona squad. Her ability to seamlessly transition between different positions enhances the team’s tactical flexibility, provides cover for injuries and fatigue, disrupts opposition defenses, strengthens squad depth, and sets an example for younger players. Crnogorcevic’s versatility embodies the essence of a modern footballer and plays a pivotal role in Barcelona’s pursuit of success on both domestic and international stages.


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