Alexia Putellas Contract Renewal: Rumors and In-Depth Analysis

Alexia Putellas in contract renewal talks with Barcelona Femeni
PHOTO: X, @BarcaFem // Alexia Putellas in contract renewal talks with Barcelona Femeni

As the season almost reaches its halfway point and various transfer rumours are starting to fly around, Barcelona Femeni is taking precautionary measures to ensure that their superstar, Alexia Putellas, remains at the club. Although the club has successfully renewed the contracts of some key players, the contracts of a select few are on the verge of expiring.

One of such players is club captain Alexia Putellas, who is reportedly still in talks with the club over a contract renewal. The two-time Ballon d’Or winner’s contract is set to expire in June, and the midfielder’s name is constantly linked with rumors of offers from the Barclays WSL and the NWSL. Amid the contract renewal crisis, various reports have been flying around the internet with two major points: one is the offer from different leagues that comes with a much higher salary, and the other is the player’s concern about the club’s sporting project.

From a financial standpoint

Like every contract, there is always a clause included to sweeten the deal in order for both parties involved to achieve their objectives. Alexia Putellas’ contract renewal case is no different, with rumors speculating that the midfield maestro has received an offer that increases her current salary significantly, possibly making her the highest-paid player in the squad.

There are also rumors that the NWSL has offered Alexia Putellas a deal that would see her become the highest-earning footballer in the world, with a suggested salary range of €1,500,000 to €2,000,000, a salary that triples her current compensation package of approximately €600,000 at Barcelona.

From a sporting project standpoint

According to El Periodico, Alexia Putellas is interested in the club’s commitment to the sporting project. The midfielder is concerned about the club’s plans towards creating and maintaining a winning team in the long term, especially after considering the recent departure of Markel Zubizarreta, the former sporting director of the women’s team, and the imminent departure of head coach Jonatan Giraldez at the end of the season.

Other reports suggest Barcelona is offering the 29-year-old a deal with a reduced duration, claiming that the offer has been reduced from three years to two years.

Alexia Putellas is currently undergoing conservative treatment for a knee injury and is still yet to make a decision concerning her future with the Blaugrana. Yet, the renewal of teammate Mapi Leon’s contract until 2026 may significantly influence the captain’s decision. However, there is no doubt that Alexia’s contract renewal saga will keep making headlines until either the club or player makes an official announcement.

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