Alexia Putellas to undergo arthroscopy for knee injury

Alexia Putellas lead Barcelona Femeni top goalscorer chart
PHOTO | X: @FCBFemeni // Alexia Putellas

Barcelona Femeni captain Alexia Putellas is set to undergo an arthroscopy this Wednesday to determine the cause of the discomfort in her left knee. The two-time Ballon d’Or winner suffered an ACL injury a day before the Euro 2022 competition and was sidelined for almost ten months before returning to action.

However, since her return from the long-term injury, the Barcelona superstar has yet to fully regain form and fitness and has seen her minutes managed to avoid a relapse. However, the Spanish midfielder was forced off the field at halftime in Barcelona’s Champions League opener against Benfica this season and has yet to make an appearance since then.

Medical reports released by the club stated that Alexia was feeling discomfort in her left knee, hence her unavailability. Earlier today, another report was released stating that the team’s captain will be undergoing an arthroscopy to decide what might be the cause of the discomfort.

After going under the knife to correct an ACL injury, undergoing another major surgery does not seem like the safest option. Instead, a surgical procedure that requires just a small incision to view the knee joint and determine the cause of the problem has been opted for.

More information about the player’s injury and availability will be made available after the arthroscopy on Wednesday.

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