Barça Femení’s Pre-Season Kicks Off: Exciting Times Ahead

Barça Femení's Pre-Season Kicks Off: Exciting Times Ahead
(Photo: FC Barcelona Femeni X)

Today, the much-anticipated pre-season of Barça Femení commences, bringing with it an air of excitement and anticipation. The players undergo medical and physical assessments, setting the stage for what promises to be a thrilling journey.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the official squad list for the preseason games, highlight the training session plans, and touch on the club’s commendable contribution to the ongoing Women’s FIFA World Cup.

The countdown to an action-packed pre-season for Barça Femení has begun, and the excitement is palpable. With an impressive squad of 31 players, including both seasoned stars and promising talents, the pre-season training has begun.

Medical Tests and First Training Session: Today, August 1, marks the commencement of Barça Femení’s pre-season. The players undergo comprehensive medical tests, ensuring their readiness for the upcoming challenges.

Following the assessments, the team takes to the training ground for the first time, honing their skills for the games ahead.

(Photo: FC Barcelona Femeni X)

Official Squad List: A squad of 31 players has been called up for the preseason games. The roster boasts a mix of established stars and promising talents.

From the first team, eight talented players are raring to go: Sandra Paños, Gemma Font, Marta Torrejón, Mapi León, Claudia Pina, Patri Guijarro, Jana Fernández, and Bruna Vilamala. Their experience and skills will undoubtedly contribute a lot to the team.

Additionally, 23 players from the B team have received the call-up, showcasing the depth and potential within the club. Muñoz, Cámara, Llorella, Doltra, Ranera, Martínez, Laura Martín, Cubo, Bezis, Ainoa Gómez, Emma Martín, Caño, Nuria Pon, Serrajordi, Capdevila, Ortega, Parada, Celia Segura, Vicky López, Ari Arias, Martine Fenger, Emilia Szymczak, and Onyeka Gamero will all be eager to seize their opportunities and make their mark.

An exciting highlight of the preseason is the Joan Gamper Trophy, scheduled for Thursday, 24th August, at Estadi Johan Cruyff. While the opponent is yet to be confirmed, the team will undoubtedly embrace this opportunity to showcase their talent and engage with their passionate fans.

Pre-Season Friendly Matches: On August 12, Barça Femení will play a friendly match against SE AEM, behind closed doors.

Next, on August 19, the team will play at Estadi Johan Cruyff in a friendly match against Montpellier.

Tour in Mexico: Following the Joan Gamper Trophy match, the team’s journey continues as they embark on an international tour in Mexico. On August 26, they will bid farewell to Barcelona and head to Mexico to continue their pre-season matches.

Barça Femení’s first challenge in Mexico awaits on August 29 when they face América Femenil at the iconic Estadio Azteca.

Three days later, on September 1, the team will take on Tigres Femenil at Estadio Universitario. These international clashes will undoubtedly test the team’s resolve and provide invaluable experience for the upcoming season.

On September 2, the players will return to Barcelona, reflecting on their journey and the lessons learned during their time abroad. The international tour will undoubtedly have an impact, bolstering their confidence and readiness for domestic challenges

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