Barcelona Femeni Seeks Squad Reinforcement Amid Team’s Injury Crisis

Barcelona Femeni 3 - 0 Real Sociedad
PHOTO: X – @FCBFemeni

Barcelona Femeni has been plagued with injuries since the start of the season, and with the list of injured players piling up, the club might be forced to sign reinforcements during the winter transfer window.

The Catalan side has been struggling with injury woes affecting key players and has been forced to look into La Masia to resolve the crisis. However, La Masia talents representing the club are a temporary solution, with the club competing for all trophies this season. More demands would be asked of the players, especially considering the competitive nature of the Champions League, and unlike the veterans, the young talents might have difficulties coping with these demands due to a lack of experience or a rapid increase in the number of games.

The team’s head coach Jonatan Giraldez made a statement speaking about how the team will be forced to evaluate following Mapi Leon’s injury

Injury crisis

This season, the team has suffered from injuries to key players like Fridolina Rolfo who is still recovering from a knee surgery after going under the knife at the start of the season. Players like Salma Paralluelo and Keira Walsh also missed four to five games at the start of the season due to injuries. Patri Guijarro was also out of action for about two to three ames due to injury.

Jana Fernandez, Bruna Vilamala, Irene Paredes, and Alexia Putellas are currently unavailable for selection due to injuries suffered in the earlier stages of the season. Although Jana and Alexia are close to returning to action it still calls for concern over the injury woes at the club.

The latest name to join the list of injured players is veteran defender Maria Pilar Leon. Leon has been the team’s backbone in defense and a crucial part of the squad. However, an injury to the medial meniscus on her knee requiring surgery is certain to keep her out for a larger part of the season.

Impact of the injuries on the team

With growing injury concerns, the squad depth that Barca Femeni boasted of at the start of the season is now gone. In recent games, the team has had to field several players from the club’s academy to complete the squad list.

Ingrid Engen in action for Barcelona Femeni
PHOTO: X – @BarcaFem // Ingrid Engen in action for Barcelona Femeni

In defence, Ingrid Engen has been deployed as a centre back in recent games to fill in at the backline, playing her out of her natural position as a defensive midfielder. Currently, newly promoted Martina Fernandez is the only fit natural centre back in the squad, and although the youngster has been exceptional in defense, it is important to have a backup plan to relieve the pressure on the young defender.

Reinforcements in the transfer window

To combat the challenges brought by the injury crisis, Barcelona needs to reinforce the squad to improve squad depth especially for the latter part of the season when there is an increase in the mumber of games.

With Paredes still out injured and Mapi Leon expected to be absent for a lengthy period, what the team needs now more than ever is a centre back with a commanding presence to secure the backline.

However, there is a limit to the number of players to be brought in due to Financial Fair Play regulations, as well as giving the La Masia talents an opportunity to gather experience and develop a sense of belonging with the squad.

Nevertheless, the choice of reinforcement, whether signing from another team or promoting players from La Masia depends on the manager and the club’s administration. However, it will be refreshing to see the injured players get back to full fitness, and the injury crisis managed and reduced to the barest minimum.

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