December: A look at FC Barcelona Femeni calendar

Barcelona Femeni calendar for December
PHOTO: X – @FCBFemeni

As the year comes to an end, football action continues for FC Barcelona Femeni, both in Liga F and the UEFA Women’s Champions League. In the league, Barcelona will host Eibar on Matchday 11 before playing away at Granadilla Tenerife on Matchday 12. The group stage of the UWCL continues, and Barcelona Femeni will play their third game away at Rosengard on December 13 before playing the return leg at home on December 21.

A notable absence for the Spanish and European champions would be that of Swedish left-back Fridolina Rolfo, who had to undergo surgery for a knee injury at the start of the season. Mapi Leon and Irene Paredes are also confirmed to be injured, and their return dates are still unknown.

However, Jana Fernandez and Alexia Putellas are slowly recovering and might be given the medical green light before the month runs out.

Liga F

Matchday 11

FC Barcelona Femeni vs Eibar

Barcelona Femeni vs Eibar

Matchday 12

Granadilla Tenerife vs FC Barcelona Femeni

Granadilla Tenerife vs Barcelona Femeni

UEFA Women’s Champions League

Matchday 3

FC Rosengard vs FC Barcelona Femeni

Rosengard vs Barcelona Femeni

Matchday 4

FC Barcelona Femeni vs FC Rosengard

Barcelona Femeni vs Rosengard

All of FC Barcelona Femeni’s games will be broadcast live on DAZN’s Youtube channel.


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