Graham Hansen finished 8th in UEFA Women’s Player of the Year 2022-23

Photo Courtesy: German Parga – FC Barcelona

The UEFA Women’s Player of the Year award is among the most prestigious honors in women’s football. In the recently concluded 2022–23 season, marked by remarkable achievements and fierce competition, FC Barcelona number 10 Caroline Graham Hansen finished in an impressive 8th place in the rankings.

Caroline Graham Hansen, hailing from Norway, has carved her path in the world of football with unparalleled skill and determination. Known for her exceptional dribbling and creative playmaking, she became a vital asset to her teams.

The 2022–23 season was electrifying for women’s football, with standout performances across the board. Graham Hansen’s presence on the field was no exception. Displaying a combination of speed, precision, and strategic play, she consistently dazzled audiences and competitors alike, like against Chelsea Women in the semifinal of the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

Her contributions were crucial in securing victories for FC Barcelona in domestic and international competitions, as she helped the Catalan club win their historic second UEFA Women’s Champions League in Ehindoven, playing an important role in the campaign.

The UEFA Women’s Player of the Year award is a testament to the exceptional talents that grace the women’s football scene. The 2022–23 edition saw Graham Hansen finish in the 8th position, an achievement that reflects her consistent contributions and impact on the game.

While Caroline Graham Hansen might not have claimed the top spot, her 8th-place finish is a remarkable accomplishment in a fiercely competitive season. It showcases her skill, dedication, and influence on the sport and how important she is for both club and country.

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