Jonatan Giraldez to Depart Barcelona Femeni at Season’s End

Jonatan Giraldez
PHOTO: X, @BarcaFem; Jonatan Giraldez set for Barcelona exit

Often times, we hear of clubs renewing the contracts of their players. From a simple one-year extension to long-term extensions, football clubs around the globe do everything they can to secure the services of key and important players in the squad. The same principle applies when it comes to securing a manager or coach to meet the club’s objectives.

Barcelona Femeni is one of the clubs currently going through a contract renewal issue with head coach Jonatan Giraldez. The manager, whose current contract ends on June 30, 2024, has reportedly refused to renew his contract with the club and has supposedly made his stance known to the club’s management, staff, and players as well.
Giraldez is seemingly poised to move to the NWSL at the end of the season, with reports claiming that he has been receiving astronomical offers from America.

Jonatan Giraldez was an assistant to former head coach Lluis Cortes and took over the position of head coach following his boss’s resignation at the end of the end of the 2020/2021 season. Jonatan Giraldez has won 2 Liga F titles, 1 Copa de La Reina, and 1 Champions League title with the club. 

Although the season is yet to be over, and there is still a lot of time between now and June to change the coach’s mind, it seems unlikely that Jonatan Giraldez will be at the helm of the team’s affairs come next season.

The impact of the head coach’s decision on the team is yet to be known as Barcelona Femeni are still in the position to contend for all possible titles this season, with the team currently leading the Liga F rankings, topping their group in the Champions League, and set for a Copa de La Reina clash with Fundacio Alba in January.

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