Liga F delayed by two weeks after players decide to go on strike

Liga F

The Spanish domestic league, Liga F, which was scheduled to start tomorrow, Friday, September 8, has now been suspended for two weeks. This happened after the league itself denied the players’ request for an increase in wages and better playing conditions, leading them to go on strike.

The players, whose minimum earnings were around €16,000 in the last campaign, are looking to secure a minimum wage of €25,000 for the new season, with the figure expected to rise to €30,000 in the 2024–2025 season.

Liga F presented an alternative agreement for a single season with a minimum salary of €20,000 with the possibility of reaching €23,000 based on commercial benefits generated by the competition.

There were reports that the league had been in talks with several players’ unions in recent weeks before finally announcing its failure to reach an agreement on Wednesday. The league claimed that they have gradually attempted to increase the players wages, while also promising to eliminate part-time contracts and provide other benefits. However, the league claimed that meeting the demands of the players might cause a collapse of the competition.

The league has stated that it will not give in to pressure or accept proposals that would mean the economic collapse of the competition, thus leading to the failure of women’s professional football.

The players decision to strike comes in a tense period of conflict between the Spanish national players and the Spanish FA, following the non-consensual kiss between Jennifer Hermoso and Spanish FA president, Luis Rubiales during the World Cup celebrations.

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