Top 3 best selling Barça Femeni away jersey for the new season

Photo via FC Barcelona Femení/twitter
Photo via FC Barcelona Femení/twitter

The FC Barcelona 2023/24 away jersey is being received well among fans and supporters of the club. And according to a report from, three players’ names stand out as the top-sellers of the Barça Femeni away jersey for the 2023/24 season Alexia Putellas, Aitana Bonmati, and Mapi Leon. The popularity of these players’ jerseys highlights their significant impact on the team and the immense support they enjoy from fans.

Priced at 99.99 euros for the FC Barcelona Femeni away shirt. The jersey showcases a design that pays tribute to a club legend, Johan Cruyff. This homage to Cruyff is evident in the kit’s predominantly white color, reminiscent of the jerseys worn by Barcelona in the 1970s. To further honor the club’s tradition, the kit features the iconic red and blue stripes on the sleeve cuffs, serving as a visual link to the rich history of FC Barcelona.

In a significant move, this season marks the first time in over four decades that Barcelona has opted for a white kit as their away jersey.

The complete kit includes blue shorts and red and blue striped socks, further reinforcing the club’s colors and identity.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, there’s a practical reason behind the popularity of these jerseys: the exceptional performances of the club captain Alexia Putellas, and the brilliant performances of players like Aitana Bonmati, and Mapi Leon. Their on-field skills, dedication, and commitment to the club have earned them admiration and loyalty from fans, translating into high demand and sales for their jerseys.

Moreover, the away jersey 23/24 has become even more appealing due to a report that suggests it may become the second best-selling kit in the history of FC Barcelona. This projection highlights the immense support and enthusiasm surrounding the club and its players, especially during this upcoming season.

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